These infant products are all natural. Made with Mango & Aloe vera butter as the base carrier oils and added some 100% pure essential oils.  Please avoid direct application of any product with eyes and mouth. All products are designed for external use.

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Why Infant Massage Classes

The benefits of Infant Massage are numerous both to the parent and to the infant. The number one rule of infant massage is to always ask permission from your child to give them a massage. This establishes trust and that the baby has to right to decline or protest. Usually the baby will be most accepting of the massage. But we all have our moments where we want to do one thing and someone else wants us to do something different.

There are a vast number of benefits from Pediatric Chiropractic care as well, some children suffer minor injuries during birth that compile as they age. Traumatic birth can damage the vertebral colume and put pressure on the brain, trap fluid, pressure nerves, jam a bone, and that is just a few examples of what can happen with a trip through the birth canal. Some babies get pulled out by tongs gripping their soft heads.

Take a minute to think about your body. While in the womb you developed quit rapidly, your brain was first, which is the main control center. Then the rest started to develop right and left sides knitting together and determine the bodies development.

Now lets look at how intricate the body is: You have multiple "systems" that function simultaneously in order for you to breath, walk, talk, learn, eat, blink, think, and maintain circulation, temperature, and reaction to outside stimulus all at the same time.

Therefore multiple functions are going on simultaneously on an unconscious level and several on a very conscious level. Now then you must realize that all of these functions are coming from a command center "the brain" and communication are being sent several times a minute to nerves, muscles and organs of our bodies. So lets say that something suddenly was not communicating with the brain due to an interference. That would disrupt the action and reaction or unconscious functions.

Therefore, your body and your babies body may require minor adjustments to repair or maintain proper function.

Now lets think back again to the time you were in the womb. Wow, 10 months to create such an intricate life from two little cells. After being suspended in fluid for months you get squished through a canal and out a hole that is 2/3 the size of your head, your shoulders rush over your ribs your hips rotate and possibly one hip goes up and the other shifts down and finally you are free. Into a bright, cold place with gravity.

You never grow and learn faster then you do the first five years of life. You body shifts from laying however you are placed to being able to roll over, to getting up on all fours, to shifting weight then pulling up and finally mobility. No it doesn't stop there, then we learn to coordinate movements for motion. We learn to walk run and learn and all the while we are  eating, talking, breathing.

With our bones and muscles growing at such a rapid rate we are prone to incongruity of growth rates. This leads to disease and disorders or just "growing pains", where the growth plates in our long bones grow faster then the ligaments and muscles.

Massage helps the circulation of fluids, nutrients, oxygen to muscles bones organs and brain for better development. It helps with stretching out the tendons to keep up with rapid growth. Increases sleep and immune system functions and many other things. Chiropractic care if done by a Specialist "Pediatric Chiropractor" can decrease or eliminate: lack of sleep, colic, ear infections, constipation, and general irritability.