Pre/Post Surgery Series

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  • Pre and Post Surgical Health and Scar Reduction
  • Great for Immune System Building 
  • Cosmetic Surgery Recovery
  • Cancer
  • Joint Replacement Recovery
  • Total 8 Weeks (12 visits) for $715 or 4 payments biweekly of $178.75

The first 2 weeks will consist of: 

2 visits per week - 4 visits are 30 minutes of Lymphatic Drainage to flush the lymphatic system and to assist the body in flushing toxins and debris that has been not moving properly.  Your lymphatic system is the body's filtration system.   Great for pre or post surgical to assist in increase healing.

Then 2 weeks of

biweekly massages ( 4 massages) split 1/2 Lymphatic Drainage and 1/2 Myofascial Release Massage "MFR". MFR allow the release of the connective tissue that wraps your muscles, tissues, and bones connecting them all together.  This web of connective tissue can cause adhesions, thick scars, and chronic pain. Preventative and post injury treatments can increase mobility, increase healing decrease scarring and even breakdown old scars or adhesions.


4 weeks of 1 massage per week to flush lymphatic system and use MFR to continue healing on the smooth path and add unwinding or Fascia Kinetics if needed to increase mobility or decrease any other areas of discomfort overall. (Fascia Kinetics is a mobilizing technique to address all areas of tightness)